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Splice Protection Sleeves

Standard Splice Protection Sleeves : Cut lengths are pre-size and burr free and recovered diameter is 3 mm.  The entire assembly is heat bonded to ensure that the tube maintains perfect alignment. The product is constructed with an inner melt EVA adhesive tube and polyolefin Heat Shrinkable Sleeves as outer Jacketing tube with mirror finish SS as strength member.  

Micro Splice Protection Sleeves : This series is specially designed for optical component where small packing is priority. Standard length of the sleeve is 35mm & 40mm and recovered diameter is 1.5 mm. All the Base component used are same as the standard sleeves

Ribbon Splice Protection Sleeves : Used for Ribbon Optical Fibre cable and is specially designed to accommodate two to twelve  fibres, with after finish diameter of  5.1 x 4.3 mm. The product is constructed with EVA, Polyolefin Heat Shrinkable sleeves and Ceramic as strength member. Standard length of the product is 40 mm

Complete facility to develop sleeves with variety of diameters and lengths as per customer requirements.

This premium product comes without premium pricing. Our prices are amongst lowest in the world for similar quality product.

Technical Specifications:

Outer Tube - Polyolefin (meets MIL - I -23053/5 Class 2)


 Working Temperature
 -50°C to 125°C)
 Ultimate Strength
 220 Kg/cm 2
 Elongation  650%
 Specific Gravity  0.95
 Water Absorption  0.05%
 Minimum Shrink Temperature  90°C
 Solvent Resistance  Good
 Acid Resistance  Excellent

Inner Tube - Polyolefin Copolymer (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate)

 Ultimate Strength  200 Kg/cm 2
 Elongation  700%
 Melting Point  80°C
 Specific Gravity  0.93

Strength Member

 Single Fiber Sleeves  316 Stainless Steel with rounded and  polished ends
 Ribbon/Dielectric sleeves  Polished ceramic (White)
 or Quartz (Transparent)

*Shrink times will vary with manufacturer of the heater used and the ambient temperature.

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